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About Us


Someone rightly said that football is not just a sport; it is an emotion. When you are sitting on the benches, looking at footballers put their blood, sweat, and tears into the game, it is hard not to be swept away. As the product of families that have lived and breathed football for over three generations, we decided it was time to create a site completely dedicated to it.
Well, the history of The Raider Zone is not as simple. It’s a little bloody like a good game of football. It started with a debate on some stats. Two lifelong friends couldn’t agree on one statistic from one game. To settle the dispute, they went searching for answers. It was during the search they realized the need for a platform that is more than a fan-site. To that end, The Raider Zone gives you:
• The latest news on football
• Updates about games and football players
• Tips on training for football players
• Accessories that are a must during the sport
What we started has snowballed. Today, The Raider Zone is a community. A community where your favorite sport Football is always the hottest topic. Fans come here not just to get tidbits of news and trends on the sport, but also to discuss it with an open mind and respect the game deserves.
We are committed to keeping the site a safe place and fount of knowledge on football. We hope that in the coming years it becomes more than that. Our vision is to make it the go-to platform for all things connected to football: the game and its players.
We’ve put all of our effort in creating this website; we hope you’ll love it as much as our favorite sport, football.