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About Us

The Raider Zone welcomes you to the best fan site that brings the latest news and opinions about the Oakland Raiders. We are dedicated to our aim of disseminating top-notch Raiders’ views, stats, news and every other related authentic content. More than just a fan site, The Raider Zone is committed to becoming a community that serves as a platform for like-minded fans to mingle. We provide a place where Raiders lovers can come together and catch up on the newest news. We offer a haven where fans can discuss their passion to their heart’s content.

The concept of The Raider Zone was born a few years back when two Raiders fan believed that their favorite American football team, Oakland Raiders, was not being covered by the mainstream media adequately. They embarked on the journey to take this error into their own hands and hence, The Raider Zone was born. The move spawned a website that takes the love of the football team to the Nth level. Today, the site is more like a network that is powered for the fans and by the fans.

The Raider Zone covers not only sport-specific news but also dedicates itself to entertainment and genre-specific lifestyle news. As a nod to all the fans who have made the website what it is today, we also have a fanbase-specific coverage. If you love the Oakland Raiders as much as we do, then you are going to enjoy and appreciate The Raider Zone equally, if not more.