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Privacy Rights

The privacy of the users of The Raider Zone is essential to us. Therefore, our privacy policy and terms of use spell out our commitment to respecting and protecting the privacy of all the visitors to the site. We ask you to please read through the site before using the website. Browsing through the site is taken as consent to the privacy policy. Whether you disagree the terms and conditions stated here, please stop using the site immediately. The Raider Zone reserves the right to change the policy from time to time. We will inform our users when such a change occurs.

We collect two types of information from our users, and we are cautious with what we do with this data. The first kind of information that we gather is done automatically through the use of technology. This includes but is not limited to cookies, IP address, type of operating system, the browser used, etc. The second type of data we collect is personally identifiable information. We only obtain this information when you give us the consent to do so. The personal data we gather includes name, physical address, email-id, telephone number, credit or debit card information, gender, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

We use all information to make our service better and more seamless for you. We do not share the data with third parties until and unless you allow it. We promise to protect the information to the best of our abilities.