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Effective Drills That Offers Fitness To Football Players

Fitness To Football Players

To become a successful football player, it is essential they stay fit and healthy. Fitness is necessary for football players to excel in their game. Fitness can be achieved by practicing useful drills and exercises. It is necessary that a football player’s remains fit throughout the year. There are specific exercises that can offer flexibility and strength for players. The ...

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Iconic Accessories Used By Footballers


Snoods: It is the most controversial accessory that is used by many popular players. Chic looking scarves or snoods are mostly worn by players Gianluigi Buffon, Samir Nasri, etc. At the beginning of the decade, the players were so crazy to use this accessory. However, old school professional players restricted their use and added masculinity touch by claiming real men ...

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One Week Training Guide For Football Players

Training Guide For Football Players

Football players require proper training offered by professional experts. The following is a seven-day training guide for football players to improve their skills. The training includes various sessions which offer rigorous practice to the football players. Day 1: Monday On the first day of the training, players must perform workout to remove muscle soreness and to make their body flexible. ...

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Photography Tips for the Football Game

Footballers Kicking Football and Players Running After the Ball. Soccer Stadium in the Background

What Equipment To Use For Sports Photography? It is no surprise that the camera one needs for everyday photos is very different from one that can click the best sports pictures. So, if you are jumping on the bandwagon of clicking a football game (or any other sport), invest in a DSLR camera and lens. Both the camera and lens ...

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Basic Equipment Used By The Football Players

equipments used in football

Every soccer players use certain equipment for playing the soccer game. Their equipment will be approved by the Law 4, FIFA Rules of the Game. It is the duty of the referee to make sure that all the players are appropriately dressed and using the right gear for the game. There are numerous soccer equipment and gears used by the ...

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