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Fitness To Football Players

Effective Drills That Offers Fitness To Football Players

To become a successful football player, it is essential they stay fit and healthy. Fitness is necessary for football players to excel in their game. Fitness can be achieved by practicing useful drills and exercises. It is necessary that a football player’s remains fit throughout the year. There are specific exercises that can offer flexibility and strength for players. The following are some of the drills that improve the fitness of football players.

Box Jumps
Football players should perform the exercise, which improves the explosiveness in their legs. A box jump is a perfect drill that increases the explosiveness of the player’s legs. This exercise mainly concentrates on the lower part of the body. Offering flexibility to the lower part of your body provides the split second and reach 50-50 ball. Players can achieve last-ditch tackle with regular practice of box jumps. The single-legged box jump can strengthen the muscles of each leg.
To improve the performance of the football players, double legged box, jumps can build explosiveness of their legs. Players should practice ten jumps per leg offers the necessary power for an excellent performance. Make sure to increase the box height every week to improve the performance of the players.

fitness of football playersZig-Zag
This is a simple exercise that can be practiced by football players. There is no need for players to visit the gym to stay fit. This is a simple fitness drill done with the help of your ball and feet. It is an exercise where the cones are arranged in a zig-zag fashion. The players move with the ball and weave in and out of the cone in the zig-zag formation. Increase the speed of the player’s movement gradually.

Jog-Tempo Run
This drill would help to improve the Vo2, which is the maximum rate to consume oxygen. This exercise increases the stamina of the players. It allows players to perform for more extended periods.
The above are some of the drills that help players stay fit.

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