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Sports Marketing Trends

Top Sports Marketing Trends

The sports industry has attracted several businesses all around the world. It is essential to know about the current marketing trends to stay abreast with the latest developments. The following are some of the top marketing trends.

Woman In Sports
Several reports on sports state that the woman’s sport is more inspiring than the men’s sport version. Thus it is about to fetch a lot of money as 80% of the purchasing decisions are made by a woman. Therefore there is an excellent opportunity in the world market for sports marketers to emphasis on woman sports. Thus several famous sports brand give importance to woman sports in their marketing campaign. It helps popular brand owners to reap economic rewards.

sports marketingAugmented and Virtual Reality
It is true that popular brands and teams make use of the power of Instagram and snap chat to create a great experience to the global audience. There were several apps developed which enabled to take selfies with star players. This helped to boost the club revenue. AR was introduced into sport by Major League Baseball. This app would help fans to know about the errors, home run statistics, etc. The app is developed to enhance the game for the fans who are watching it. It would offer an exciting experience to the fans of various sports. This technology is also of great help for advertisers and broadcasters

Social channels
Famous sports teams and individual players must try to build their fan bases with the help of latest technology. The use of social media network is a great platform to develop the fan community. This is significant advertising space for popular sports brands.

There is recent popularity of eSports that has increased the fan bases. Popular football teams create high tech home stadiums with eSports arena.
The above are some of the latest sports marketing trends.

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