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How Can Sports Help In Relieving Stress Developed During Exam Preparation?

Playing sports is a popular extra-curricular activity that is widely popular all over the world. There are several health benefits of playing sports or getting involved in any physical activity. It is, of course, true that practising sports during exams can help students prepare and perform better in exams. Thus candidates preparing for UPSC exams can experience a lot of benefits when taking part in any one of the sports activities. The following would help to understand the effects of sports in managing stress during exam preparation.

Effect Of Sports On Exam Preparation

Students appearing for competitive exams must try several attempts to crack the same. Thus they may feel depressed and low. They may also lose interest in preparing for exams.

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  • Motivates Students: Students, when preparing for academic exams or other competitive exams, may feel low. Thus playing a sport regularly motivates and encourages them to perform better in exams.
  • Increases Concentration: Playing sports help in improving concentration towards a particular task. Thus during exam preparation, students concentrate better.

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  • Combat Exam Fever: Students or candidates appearing for any exams may experience exam fear. It is nothing but a fear of attending exams. Playing sports can help in controlling emotions during the exam preparation phase. One can cultivate the virtues of pressure control and resilience. These qualities would help exam candidates to prepare for exams well and get relieved from exam fear. They get the confidence to face the exams without fear.
  • Boosts Self-Confidence: Candidates appearing in several exams, especially IAS exams, feel low when they cannot crack the exam in the first attempt. Thus playing sports can help in improving your confidence levels. This is because excelling in any kind of sport can help in enhancing your self-image. This allows students to perform better in competitive and other exams.
  • Improves Academic Performance: there is a common misconception among people and parents that that students who are involved in sports are bad in academics. It is surprising to know that students involved in sports are good at academics. Thus with the regular practice of sports, it is possible to perform better in any exams.

Effect of Sports On Managing Stress

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  • Improves Mood: Sports is a great activity that can help people with stress during exam preparations. IAS aspirants must practice any sports as they are involved in a rigorous study schedule. It helps to change their mood and soothe their senses. It would offer the right relaxation required for the body when preparing for exams. Physical activity releases a particular chemical that makes your body and mind feel relaxed.
  • Reduces Stress and Depression: It is true that students who are involved in a hectic exam preparation schedule are likely to be stressed. This can also result in depression. Sports serve as a stress buster for people who prepare for exams daily. By playing sports, one can reduce the secretion of stress hormones in their body. Sports is an excellent stress management technique that offers great results to combat stress and depression.

Significant Benefits Of Sports

  • Offers Good Health: It is common for children and even adults to get sick during their exams. Involving in a physical activity like sports can improve overall health. Sports also reduces the chances of falling sick more often. It keeps your body fit and healthy.
  • Offers Better Sleep: Playing any one of the sport helps in altering your sleep pattern. It is possible to get a good night’s sleep with the regular practice of a sport.

The above helps to understand the plenty of advantages of playing sports and its main effects on managing exam stress.

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