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Important equipment required for playing football

While playing football, it is necessary to be safely and properly equipped. Most football players of the modern day make sure to safeguard themselves by various protective equipment. As they will be playing competitive and rough football, there are chances for injuries and accidents. Players should wear the equipment on the field according to the league rules and personal preferences. However, they are allowed to wear certain equipment as optional.
Football is generally acknowledged as a sport that has high chances of injury. If your child has joined the football team, ensure to offer all necessary protective equipment.

Mouthpiece and chinstrap
The chinstrap will be fixed on both edges of the helmet. It fits comfortably under the chin. It prevents the helmet from flying away while you are running. Another important equipment is a mouthpiece. The main purpose of the mouthpiece is to safeguard your mouth from wound or injury.

footballShoulder pads
It is mandatory to wear shoulder pads while playing football. When being hit, it absorbs shock. It permits you to continue with reduced chances of injury. It is available in different sizes and depends upon the position you are playing. Quarterbacks prefer to use lighter and smaller shoulder pads so as not to affect natural throwing motion. Some players like defensive ends and linebackers use large shoulder pads to safeguard themselves from continuous impact.

Leg and waist pads
It is important to protect your lower body too. If you are in youth or college level football team, it is necessary to wear hip and leg pads. It includes thigh, knee, tailbone and hip pads. These are implanted within football pants. If needed, you can wear sports girdle under the pants. The tailbone and hip pants will be tied surrounding the waist using a sports belt. Though it is not necessary all times, male players should consider wearing a cup so as to safeguard sensitive groin part against impact during the game.

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