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What do you need to wear while playing football?

Football is a crazy and trendy sport which is filled with unbelievable catches, passes and runs and also dangerous tackles and violent hits. It is common for football players to experience tackle or injuries. It is the reason they should wear comfortable and safe football equipment.

Gloves and shoes: Football shoes come with cleats on the end. It helps the players cut and run while playing the game. It is well fitting and comfortable shoes. It offers complete support to the player’s ankle and foot. If you are wearing wrong shoes, it has chances to injure your knee and the ankle. The player should know the kind the turf they will be running to select the right kind of cleat. Gloves are not mandatory. Many players wear gloves since it helps in enhancing their grip. Defense and offense linemen use thickly padded gloves so as to safeguard their hands from injury when they do their lineman duties.

playing footballNeckroll and shoulder pads: It is necessary for all the football players to use shoulder pads while playing the game. It absorbs the majority of the effect when the player is hit. It comes with a tough adjustable plastic shell which is strongly padded underneath. It helps in protecting the back, chest, collarbones, and shoulders.
The neck roll consists of the pad which snaps on the back of the jersey of the players. It helps in reducing the effect on a head-on crash and minimizes the incidences of a serious neck injury.

Uniform: Every football players chooses and wears a uniform which consists of the team pants and jersey. It is simple for the teammates, officials, coaches, and fans to find the players. In most uniform jerseys, you can see the team names, the player’s number, the player’s name and team logo on the shirt. It is possible to wear football pants over pads. It also comes with pads within them.

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