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Protective Equipment in American or Gridiron Football

Protective equipment plays an important part in all sports activities. In Gridiron football, the play equipment used by football players helps in protecting their body while playing the football game. Some of the basic equipment used by the majority of football players are shoes, gloves, shoulder pads, helmet, compression shorts or jockstrap without or with a protective cap, a mouthguard, and knee and thigh pads. Other equipments used in addition to the above equipment are rib pads, tailbone pads, hip pads, elbow pads, neck rolls, etc.

The protective equipment is made using synthetic materials like shock resistant, durable and molded plastic, elastics and foam rubbers. Football protective equipment is used by players for decades. However, there have been slight modifications made to the materials and design of the equipment over the years. The maintenance and assignment of the football gear are under the control of the team equipment manager.

football matchHelmet: There are numerous distinct parts in a professional football helmet. It includes the abdomen bladders, jaw pads, mouth guard, chin strap, face mask, abdomen bladders, and the shell. The shell is made up of hard plastic. It has thick padding within the inner portion. The face mask consists of one or several metal bars along with a chin strap to safeguard the helmet.
The helmet is necessary for football players of all levels. It is not mandatory only for non-tackle variations like flag football. The helmets are protective, however, the players still experience and face head injuries like concussion. The football helmets signify the team colors and the team’s logo.

There are several kinds of chin strips and face masks available. The players can select the helmets as per their requirement. Most players select open masks that have maximum visibility. Every protection has a unique kind of face cover to balance visibility and protection.

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