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History Of Oakland Raiders


The football club Oakland Raiders was founded in 1960 when the Los Angeles Chargers founder wanted a second team on the West Coast. This saw the dawn of the Oakland Raiders as the eight AFL franchise. The home field of the raiders was Kezar Stadium and in their first season they finished 6-8 but were facing financial crunch. Several companies supported the team including Buffalo Bills founder Wilson, Jr and prominent business houses like RiverDay Spa. With their support the team was on the path to success. In a recent development reported by www.skysports.com, the team plans to relocate to Las Vegas in 2020.

The growth of Oakland Raiders game

During the year 1963, the team won only one game but in 1967, they captured the AFL championship by beating the Houston Oilers. The win gave them an opportunity at the Super Bowl II. But they lost to Green Bay Packers owned by Vince Lombardi in the year 1969. This year John Madden became the head coach and under his aegis the Oakland Raiders became the most successful team in the NFL. Later between 1973 and 1975 the team was exposed to a series of losses but in the year 1976, they fought hard to win the Super Bowl XI championship, their maiden NFL title.

Madden was the most successful coach who guided the Raider to 10 series of wins, later leaving the team in 1979 to pursue a career in TV as a commentator. Madden was replaced by Tom Flores, the Hispanic head coach. In the year 1980, QB Dan Pastorini was replaced by Jim Plunkett after the former broke his leg. Under Plunkett the Raider saw a record 11-5 and a berth in the wild card. In the Super Bowl XV, the team swept the playoff and won over Philadelphia Eagles. The Raiders became the first wild card team to hold the championship of Super Bowl defeating Eagles 27-10.

Oakland RaidersThe year 1982, the Oakland Raiders were entangled in litigations and was forced to move to Los Angeles and rechristened Los Angeles Raiders. Their third NFL championship win came in the year 1983 but the next 5 years saw a fall in their performance. In the year 1990 Ted Hendricks made it to the Pro Football hall of fame. Raider in the year plays the New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium London. The win over Detroit takes them to their 275th league game victory. In 1997, Mike Haynes enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This year saw Joe Bugel named as the head coach.

The Raiders have won 9 World Series titles during the years and 15 AL Pennants. The team also won 16 West Division titles. The year 2016 was for the Silver and Black team as head coach Jack Del Rio walked the team to 12 wins considered to the highest since 2000. The team won many awards and honors in 2016 and this includes, NFL Executive of the Year awarded by Pro Football Writers of America, Coach of the Year award for Jack Del Rio. He was also selected as the winner at the 28th annual Greasy Neale Professional Coach of the Year Award.

With 2017 being a packed schedule for the team, there is more entertaining in the offing for fans.

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  1. The team has a glorious history and my friends do not miss out their football matches.

  2. Their hardwork and dedication has made the team more popular

  3. The team won several matches in the year 2016

  4. We are planning to witness their matches in the future.

  5. The team managed to perform well even after several downfalls

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