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Iconic Accessories Used By Footballers

Snoods: It is the most controversial accessory that is used by many popular players. Chic looking scarves or snoods are mostly worn by players Gianluigi Buffon, Samir Nasri, etc. At the beginning of the decade, the players were so crazy to use this accessory. However, old school professional players restricted their use and added masculinity touch by claiming real men do not wear snoods.

Kinesio Tape: It is slowly becoming a pervasive item which can be seen in every year sports. The jury is still confused whether the tape is harm or good. However, the accessory has the power to grab attention since Gareth Bale began to use it.
It is a Japanese tape that is believed to have various therapeutic benefits. It was appreciated in the football stream and also in other sports. Some people think that Kinesio tape offers a placebo effect which others believe it is helpful for hamstrings.

football players accessoriesPajama-clad goalkeepers: Another recent trend is a goalkeeper in his jammies. All 21 players and other officials are seen in shorts but the goalkeeper in his completely different set of clothes. The trousers, tracksuit or pajama are sometimes worn again and again by a shot stopper or some other for diverse reasons.

Nose tape: The plaster or tape was thought to help players at the time of exertions during the game. It is believed that the strip improves nasal breathing. It is popular mostly among the 90’s players. The keen adopters of this trend were Robbie Fowler and Thierry Henry.

Thumbhole sleeves: Several players like to try new trends with their shirts. The shirt experiment is seen all over and the trend is steady when it comes to thumbhole sleeves. It is tailored or torn sleeves which come with a hole for the players to grip their thumb. It is a comfortable looking shirt. It helps in shielding the arms of the players.

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