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Training Guide For Football Players

One Week Training Guide For Football Players

Football players require proper training offered by professional experts. The following is a seven-day training guide for football players to improve their skills. The training includes various sessions which offer rigorous practice to the football players.

Day 1: Monday
On the first day of the training, players must perform workout to remove muscle soreness and to make their body flexible. Usually, players who have played on Saturday must perform an exercise for 30 minutes, which include drill actions, ball work, etc.
This is the training to be taken in the gym. Increase your body temperature by performing workouts on a treadmill or a bike. You can perform certain yoga routines for flexibility of your body. Try out some low-intensity workout options.

Day2: Tuesday
This is the second day of training offered for football players. This is a high-intensity day, and the session lasts for more than one hour. Warm up, and maximum sprint is performed initially by players. Intense ball work and conditioning period training are offered.

Day 3: Wednesday
Wednesday is usually the rest day for players. This day is allotted to recover and make the body conditioned to take up the training for the next two days. Players are advised to do some physical activity. Make sure you recover psychologically. A walk would help players to relax their body and mind.

football trainingDay 4: Thursday
The players are offered speed without making them tired as their football game is approaching. Thus too much volume in training is avoided. You would perform short drills during this training session. The manager offers most of the training on Thursday. Therefore players would get small breaks in between the training.

Day 5: Friday
In this training session, a lot of funds is added so that players enjoy their training. It helps them to get prepared for their game.

Day 6: Saturday
This is the game day and players start with their workout very early after their breakfast. Then they would attend a team meeting where they talk about the game plan of the day.

Day 7: Sunday
Players would not feel the tiredness on Sunday, and it is recommended to perform some physical activity. They can take up a brisk walk or walk to the nearby shop.

The above would be a perfect training guide for football players.

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