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What gear is required for football?

If your daughter or son have joined the youth football club, you may wonder how players look bulk in this sport. As you suspect, it is because they use a lot of padding and protective clothes to safeguard their bodies in the best manner. It helps them to remain free from incidences of jamming collisions which occurs on all the games.
It is mandatory to use all the protective equipment. It helps in the prevention or at least reduces the chance of injury while playing.
Safety equipment
Some of the safety equipment that protects the playing while playing are as follows:

  • Helmet
  • Cup and jockstrap
  • Neck collar or neck roll
  • Mouthguard
  • Knee, hip and thigh pads
  • Gloves
  • Shoulder pads

football matchHelmet: The helmet is an important part of gear in the game football. It is mandatory to use face masks. It is optional to use the visor. Jaw pads are used by attaching to the helmet’s bottom. It offers defense against concussions. There has been a lot of technical advancements and changes made to the design of the helmet. The changes are believed to see a major reduction in incidences of concussions. An advanced new helmet – Xenith X1 utilizes air-filled shock absorbers. It is on testing stage. It is been tested with college and school teams all over the country. It promises increased defense against concussion.
While purchasing helmets to your kids, you need to consider certain points.
The majority of football helmets utilized at senior school grade have either foam padding or improperly reconditioned which degrades over time. It becomes unfit to use or does not fit well. One out of five helmets will be in new condition.
It should be reapproved each year by a recognized re-conditioner. If not, it should be rejected after using for three years.

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