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2019-The Year Of Women’s Football

The FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in France, and thus it is a breakout year for Women’s Football.
The players in the team who are about to perform in the FIFA Women’s World Cup held in June and July. The USA tops the world ranking followed by Germany and England. England’s Lioness team has young players, experienced with lots of vigor. Thus there is an excellent chance for the team to top the ranking.

footballIrrespective of the win the FIFA world cup, the year 2019 would be a historically significant year for the Lioness team. Barclay, a famous brand, announced a multi-million sponsorship for the Football Women’s Super League. Addidas came out with an offer that all the players of the winning World Cup Team would receive a performance bonus just like the male players. This has set the expectation for the FIFA world cup to high. Thus the ticket sale estimated was over one million. It was also expected that the television view of the matches would reach one billion.
Nike, a popular sports brand, has come up with a considerable investment. The company has sponsored for nearly 14 teams who take parts in the FIFA world cup. The brand focuses on woman’s football with a motivating tagline: Don’t change your dream, change the world”.

There is indeed an increase in momentum in Women sports. Thus Nike is about to use their brand and inspire the next generation woman players. The company has invested money and taken efforts to encourage nearly 100,000 female football coaches.
The Nike Sports Kit has been redesigned so that it suits for the women’s team. There are new innovations, even in bra technology for a woman who takes part in sports.

The above article is definite proof of how the year 2019 is the year of women’s football.

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