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Basic Equipment Used By The Football Players

Every soccer players use certain equipment for playing the soccer game. Their equipment will be approved by the Law 4, FIFA Rules of the Game. It is the duty of the referee to make sure that all the players are appropriately dressed and using the right gear for the game. There are numerous soccer equipment and gears used by the players. Some basic equipment serves as protective tools for competitive and safe play.

There are specific shoes that are manufactured exclusively for the comfort and convenience of soccer players like cleats and turfs. Young kids use turfs until they become experienced and prepared to wear cleats. The specialty of soccer shoes is it comes with spikes beneath the sole which offer better traction while playing on the field. There are no laws that specify the kind of footwear to use however cleats practically enhance the player’s stability especially when the player is making sudden stops, starts, and turns.

footballThe cleats can accommodate various kinds of studs. It is important to ensure that you purchase the right kind as per the playing surface. It can be either longer metal studs or short plastic studs. When you notice the design of the soccer cleats, you can find it without studs at a front portion of the shoe. They are designed in such a way it permits the players to experience the ball with feet.

Soccer or Jersey Shirt

It is necessary for the soccer player to use soccer short either with long or short sleeves. The two opposing teams should have unique jerseys in color. When the player is wearing any undergarments, the sleeve’s color should match the jersey sleeves. Each goal should wear a jersey that is different from the other teammates so as to identify them. Comfortable jerseys are made using light synthetic fabrics. It helps the players to remain dry and it is the reason it is expensive.

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