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All You Need To Know About Football Training

Football as a sport as gained a large number of audience in the recent times. There are people who go crazy for the sport and for its players as well. Anybody who wishes to excel in this sport should have a good stamina, efficient athletic skills, sound and sharp mind, healthy body and utmost fitness. An average professional football player will be able to cover a distance of 10 kilometers in a span of 90 minutes approximately. There are many benefits of football training. The two most important benefits among the lot include increase in the lung power and higher stamina which contributes to greater fitness of the individuals who train hard and right. Listed below are a few tips for football training.

  •         Develop on your athletic skills

Get yourself a treadmill or run for long distances in an open space. Interval training includes physical training with high and low intensities at alternating periods. This method of training is carried out by most of the league players which helps them in increasing the rate of consumption of oxygen in their bodies during an exercise (commonly called the VO2 Max), achieving maximum sprinting (covering short distances in a limited time interval) at a higher rate before warming up or jogging. Try performing jogging for 4 minutes followed by 4 minutes of pace run. Repeat these 4 times.

  •         Work on your sprint speed

In the olden days sprint speed is something which only wingers possessed but it as now become important to every athlete. Increase your abilities to run fast for shorter periods. Try using sled pulls of heavy weight and parachute dashes which help you move your legs farther more its actual means. Work on your strengths in the regions of your thighs and legs with random and isometric movements under high pressure. Try performing 5 rounds of bungee cords with 30 seconds of rest in between.

  •         Become explosive

Hard work and training requires explosive power. Try out different exercises like squat pushers, tuck jumps accompanied by burpees and box jumps. Perform ten box jumps using a single leg and repeat it 4 times. Increase the height of the boxes regularly.

  •         Improve on changing your directions sharply

It is important for every football player to change their directions sharply at any moment during the match without developing injuries, maintaining the same speed and most importantly having full control over the ball. Cone drills improve the player’s legerity skill. Carry out slalom and shuttle runs to improve your efficiency. Run through 10-20 cones placed in a zigzag manner pushing the football throughout. Increase your speed after completing each run.

  •         Improve your stability

Every football player should have excellent skills to run past their evaders without losing balance and maintaining the same speed throughout. Just doing crunch exercises and sit ups does not increase one’s stability. Complete core stability can be achieved by adding unstable exercises to your routine training schedule. Exercises like squatting and trying to balance on a Bosu-ball, replacing Romanian dead lifts with T-bars and carrying them using a single leg can help improve your stability and maintain balance while passing the ball.

  •         Strengthen yourself. Relax after your training

Exercises like squats and dead lifts improvises your core stability and power, increases your speed and agility. The biggest strength lies in avoiding injuries and a resistance program will help strengthening ligaments, bones and muscles. After every hard and long training session, stretch and roll over foam beds to avoid and prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscular soreness). Take rest for at least 10 minutes after every practice session.


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