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The Raiders went 3-13 last season and finished fourth and last in their division while the Broncos went to the playoffs. Things won't get any easier next year for Oakland, as SuperBowlBets.com are giving Oakland one of the worst chances to win Super Bowl 50 next year.

A Look At Oakland's Improvement

The Oakland Raiders finished with one of the worst records in the NFL in 2014. As much as that stings, all they can do is put that behind them as they get ready for the upcoming year. A silver lining to that awful record is that they were able to land a pretty good draft class headlined by Amari Cooper. With the rookies and new faces added in trades in free agency, just how much has Oakland improved?

Plenty of people in
fantasy football money leagues are excited to see how good Amari Cooper can be from day one for the Raiders. He was a Heisman finalist last year for Alabama, and he is about as polished as they come as an individual. He will be trying to develop a very good relationship with quarterback Derek Carr. There is a very realistic chance that Cooper will be the number one receiver early on in his career, as Oakland desperately needs playmaking on offense.

Speaking of offense, Oakland is going to need to try to balance out the passing game with a somewhat decent running game. They do not really have a featured running back people are going to be looking for in fantasy football money leagues, but they are going to run a few different guys out there. Last season, Latavius Murray was actually pretty good for Oakland in limited action. He will be working with Roy Helu, a guy who showed some promise in Washington last year. The one wild card at running back will be Trent Richardson, as he is looking for a fresh start after being an absolute disaster in Indianapolis.

Oakland really didn't lose anyone a significance, unless of course you think Tarell Brown can't be replaced at cornerback. However, people should be very optimistic about this team in general, as they added a lot more talent than they lost. With a young roster starting to come together, it could be time for them to really shine.

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